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      Yingkou sounrun new material engineering technology co.,ltd. was established Yu 2009, is by Liaoning red investment limited (following referred to red group) owned founded of a to technology for power, to phenolic bubble insulation material for main, to domestic building materials market for oriented, set development, and production, and sales, and construction Yu one of modern high-tech enterprise, is China adiabatic energy-saving material Association members units, and Liaoning province building energy-saving environmental Association Deputy President Deputy President units, and Liaoning province phenolic insulation board Enterprise Union Secretary-General units. 2012 yilai, I company have parameter series Liaoning province phenolic insulation board Enterprise Union standard building with modified sex phenolic bubble insulation Board (Q/2100LMFQB), and Liaoning province place standard phenolic bubble Board outside wall outside insulation technology procedures (2171-2013) and the Liaoning province building standard design building structure figure set modified sex phenolic bubble insulation board outside insulation wall body structure (unified number: DBJT05-258, and figure set number: Liao 2013J135).
Company is located in the center of Northeast Asian economic circle, Northeast economic zone and the Bohai economic ring, Liaoning coastal "5.1" economic belt and the superposition of Shenyang economic zone-Yingkou city, covers an area of about 140,000 square meters. Relying on Red Group's resources and location advantages of the Yingkou, Yingkou has become the leading enterprise of phenolic foam insulation products.
      In 2010, the company successfully passed the quality management system certification. In 2011, the company invested heavily in the introduction of article 5 Italy Ou Musi (OMS) Group of the phenolic foam insulation board industrialized assembly line and equipment level of world class. So far, our phenolic foam insulation capacity of over 20 million square meters, ranks first in the country. In 2013, the company passed the national high-tech enterprise.
      Yingkou sounrun, more focus on talent reserves and training. Up to now, under the jurisdiction of 14 functional departments of the company, employs more than 200 people, including technical personnel 60 people including junior engineers and technicians 12 persons, mid-level engineers and technicians, 5 senior engineers, 3, strong technical force.
      In order to meet user demands diverse professional and industry market trends, companies adhering to the "excellence, never-ending" innovative ideas, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of chemistry, Beijing University of chemical technology, Jinan University, Shenyang ligong University, Shenyang jianzhu University and other universities and research institutes cooperation and the establishment of production, study and research base, fruitful and productive scientific research projects. Over the years, our company has won a national utility model patent more than more than 10, a series of modification of phenolic foam products have been transformed into productive forces. At present, the company's main products include architectural modification of phenolic foam insulation Board, phenolic compound fire insulation plates, phenolic-aluminium foil compound duct decorative integration, phenolic foam insulation Board. All products have passed national testing authority, product quality underwritten by the people's insurance company. In addition, based on geographical features and climatic differences in China, our company can provide customers with a wide range of targeted building exterior wall thermal insulation system of the overall solution.
      In recent years, our company gradually establish and perfect the product pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, marketing business covers all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, with several well-known real estate agents to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation. Yingkou circle to the accurate market positioning, high standards of product quality, by the majority of developers alike.
      Oriented future, our will to "into world as, for livelihood round" of broad mind, to "insulation material, phenolic for King" of majestic verve, to "user first, quality first, reputation first" of principles, efforts construction became has international influence of "independent as round • quality as round • strength as round • harmony as round", for promoted China outside wall insulation industry of innovation development, for achieved people • building • social of harmony go hand in hand made new of more big of contribution!