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Housing and urban-rural construction on promoting the construction of development and reform suggestions
Source: | Author:sounrun | Published time: 2016-03-22 | 2868 Views | Share:
To thoroughly implement the 18 and 18 the spirit of the third plenary session of the party, promoting the development and reform of the construction industry to guarantee engineering quality and safety, enhance the level of construction, for the current construction market and problems existing in engineering construction management, made the following observations:

Firts,Guiding principles and development targets

(A) guidelines. With Deng Xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, scientific development view as guidance, to speed up the improvement of modern market system, give full play to market forces in allocating resources and decisive role and give better play to the role of Government, tightly around the core of correctly handling the relationship between Government and market, transform government functions, deepen institutional reform of the construction industry.

(B) development objectives. Decentralization, open market, insisted put tube both, elimination market barriers, building unified open, and competition ordered, and integrity law-abiding, and regulatory powerful of national building market system; innovation and improved Government on building market, and quality security of supervision management mechanism, strengthening thing in the after regulatory, strengthened market and site linkage, implementation parties subject responsibility, ensure engineering quality security; change construction development way, advance building industry modern, promote construction health coordination sustainable development.

Second, establish a unified and open market system

(C) to further open markets. All localities should strictly enforce relevant national laws and regulations, repeal is not conducive to the national construction market is unified, open, prevent the fair competition provisions and practices. Comprehensive cleanup involving construction enterprises of various types of deposits, deposit, no legal basis will be canceled. Actively promote the bank guarantee and credit guarantees. Specifications for record management, and shall not set up any exclusion, restriction of foreign enterprises to enter the area access conditions may compel foreign enterprises to participate in training or setting up subsidiaries in the host. Contract business all over the about cross-province specific management requirements, should be open to the public. All localities should strengthen supervision and administration of enterprises after the entry in the field established across the province, violation of contract business enterprise dealing with supervision, coordination mechanisms, crackdown surrounding series labels, sub-contract, affiliated, unlawful acts such as illegal subcontracting and quality accidents, serious, clear out of the local construction market and construction market supervision and credit information release platform in the country exposed.

(D) promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system. Adhere to the desalination project construction Enterprise qualification, strengthening personal licensing reform, exploring from relying mainly on quality management and other administrative measures to implement the market access, gradually transformed into full play to social credit, guarantee, insurance, the role of market mechanism, market survival of the fittest. Speed up research amendment engineering construction Enterprise qualification standard and management provides, canceled part qualification category set, merged business range similar of enterprise qualification, reasonable set qualification standard conditions, focused on on enterprise, and personnel credit status, and quality security, index of assessment, strengthened qualification approval Hou of dynamic regulatory; decentralization, advance approval permission decentralization, sound perfect engineering construction Enterprise qualification and personal practice industry qualification review system; improved approval way, advance electronic of review, increased public publicity efforts.

(E) reform the bidding supervision. Adjust the non-State-owned investment projects contract types, try out the non-State-owned investment projects unit decide whether bidding, whether tangible market engineering trading activities, and selected by the unit's design and construction unit to bear the responsibility. Units shall in accordance with law the employer works to the contractor with appropriate qualifications, according to building permits, quality and safety monitoring procedures, ensure the orderly project implementation activities. All localities should focus on strengthening the State-owned capital investment project bidding supervision, and strictly control the set significantly higher than the bid of the tenderer actually need the unreasonable and out of market conditions is strictly prohibited all forms of exclusion or limit the potential bidders. To speed up the e-tendering, further perfect the expert evaluation system, strengthen social supervision, improve the successful candidate announcement system, promote bid activities transparent. After the conditional region exploration are encouraged to undertake assessments. Surveying, design and engineering services, supervision of tendering shall be subject to fees as the sole bid conditions.

(F) promote the construction of Informationization and construction of credit system of market supervision. Accelerating the national construction enterprises, construction of database of registered personnel, project, and issuance of uniform data standards and management practices in the country. The provincial housing and urban-rural construction departments to establish construction market and integration of engineering quality and safety supervision work platform, dynamic recording project market and behaviour of economic agents, effective realization of the construction market and the site of two linkage. Housing and urban-rural construction departments at all levels should further increase its public information, through the national unified information platform construction and quality and safety supervision information published, announced to the public in a timely manner the administrative examination and approval, construction supervision and punishment of law enforcement information, exposed all kinds of market entities and misconduct of personnel information, forming an effective supervision mechanism. Around the light of local conditions, make perfect relevant laws and regulations, explore the construction enterprises and workers in construction market and measures for quality and safety evaluation, and gradually establish a "creditable incentive and punishment" construction market credit environment. Encourage social conditional region research, pilot credit ratings to guide construction market parties, such as through market-oriented operation using a combination of credit evaluation results.

(G) further improving the engineering supervision system. Classified guidance of different type of investment project management service mode. Adjustment mandatory supervision project scope, select parts of a pilot to develop capable units of autonomous decision-making choices supervisor or other management measures. Supervision qualification in project management of engineering consulting services projects can no longer be supervision. Promoting a number of supervision enterprise in a position to do better and stronger.

(H) strengthening construction supervision. Full implementation of the construction project legal person responsibility system, strengthen the quality responsibility of the employer. Units shall not violation engineering tender bid, and construction figure review, and construction license, and quality security supervision and the engineering completed acceptance, capital program, shall not specified points package and dismembered employer, shall not and contracting units signed "yin and Yang contract", and any compression reasonable duration and engineering cost, shall not to any form requirements design, and construction, and supervision and the other technical advice units violation engineering construction mandatory standard, shall not arrears engineering paragraph. Government investment projects are not allowed to take contract for building, funding may not be contracting as a condition for bidding. Positive research on construction restrictions and penalties for offences. All localities should further strengthen the unit market behavior and the behavior of quality safety supervision and management, the law increased penalties for employer violations, and bad behavior in the national construction market supervision and credit information release platform exposure.

(IX) construction and engineering cost system adapting to the market economy. Progressive unification project valuation rules in various regions and trades, services construction market. Sound engineering quantity list and ration system, satisfy the whole process of construction engineering design depth, complexity, multiple contractual pricing needs. Full implementation of the system of valuation, establishment of quota management in conformity with market mechanisms, project cost information for build a diversified services, cleaning up the adjustment and market valuation basis that is inconsistent, give full play to cost Advisory enterprises, such as third-party professional services, for the protection of market cost. Establishment of a national construction cost database, index of published indicators to enhance cost information service. Introduction of engineering cost during the whole process of consulting services, strengthen national investment project cost supervision.

Third, to strengthen quality and safety management

(J) strengthen the quality of survey and design regulations. Further implementation and strengthening the construction drawing design document review system, promoting the quality of investigation and design enterprises to strengthen internal controls. Sound exploration project to survey the entire process quality system. Implementing field operations personnel certified system. Promoting the use of information technology to strengthen investigation management. Study the establishment of major design change management systems. Implementation of construction design life notification system. Implementation of engineering design responsibility insurance system.

(11) the implementation of the quality responsibility for the subjects of engineering. Improve engineering quality lifetime responsibility system, primary responsibility for implementation of participation. Implementation of engineering quality inspection system, advancing the implementation of classification and differential regulation. Improve project quality accident investigation of quality problem reporting systems, quality of strengthened accountability and punishment. Perfecting the incentive mechanism of engineering quality, and create a "high quality and high price" market environment. Specification for engineering quality security management, and actively explore the pilot engineering quality insurance system, the construction engineering quality insurance, no longer reserved quality deposit.

(12) to improve the engineering quality inspection system. Implementation of project quality detection responsibility, improve the ability of construction enterprise quality inspection. Rectifying and standardizing the quality test market, strengthen the supervision and testing behavior detection process, increase penalties for false reporting illegal acts. Establishing and improving the engineering quality supervision and sampling system to encourage throughout the purchase of services or any other means to strengthen supervision and inspection.

(13) to promote quality and safety standardization. Advancing responsibility system of project manager and improve project quality and safety level. Project quality management standardization activities, quality standardization and quality control standard. Enterprises improve the quality assurance system strengthen project quality management, implementation of quality construction site professional responsibilities, strengthen process quality control. Further housing projects FAQ special, fully implement the model guide system. Comprehensively promote the construction safety production standardization and implementation of safety production standardization in construction appraisal systems, standardization of security evaluation results of the project as a business based primarily on standardized assessment.

(14) promote construction safety management. Hoisting machinery and formwork research leasing, installation (erection), integrated management mode of use, removal, maintenance, lifting cranes, formwork specialized management level. Specification for hoisting machinery installation and removal work, shelves and other special operations personnel safety checking, improve employee skills for safe operation. Ongoing construction cranes, formwork safety governance, effectively curb the mass death, mass injury accidents.

(15) strengthen construction safety supervision. Improving enterprise safety in production permit system, Enterprise construction project safety management of safety production permit extension for review focus on strengthening the dynamic management of enterprise safety production license. Encouraging place to explore the implementation of enterprise dynamic demerit points system and personnel safety. Improving enterprise safety in production cost guarantee mechanism, when tenders were safety costs column, not bidding, ensure safety input, regulate the costs of extraction, use and management of production safety. Strengthening workers ' safety awareness and skills training to improve construction site safety management level. Increase the intensity of security hidden danger and penalties liability and responsibility according to law officers. Improving safety supervision system in construction and safety supervision performance appraisal mechanism. Support regulatory powers in areas which lack exploring purchase of services, entrusted with professional social institution as the safety oversight body the ability of auxiliary power. Establish safety risk management system of urban rail transit and other major projects, promoting the construction of major projects process-wide security risk management, implementing risk prevention and control inputs. Construction units to employ specialized social institutions are encouraged to provide the security risk management consulting services.

Four, the promotion of the construction industry development mode

(16) promoting modern construction industry. Integration of modern construction industry development and the path. Pushing the construction industry modernization, Department of architecture, building design, component parts production, construction, decoration integration research and application of key technologies. Develop relevant standards of design, construction and acceptance, prepare appropriate standard design Atlas, guiding the establishment of standard part component system. Establishment of construction project quality and safety supervision system of industrial modernization. Encourage the development of modern construction industry development plan, as well as fiscal, monetary, tax, land and other incentives, foster leading enterprises of building industry, encourage construction, survey, design, construction, component manufacturing and scientific research units to establish an industrial Union. Pilot Guide for further government investment projects and the timely expansion of the pilot scope, actively and steadily promote the construction of housing industry modernization.

(17) the long-acting mechanism of building form construction worker team. Establishing market-oriented, to key positions in its own workers as the backbone, subcontracting for the main employment source, staffing for temporary employment supplement diversified construction employment. General construction contracting enterprise and professional contracting company to own a certain number of technical backbone of workers, encouraging construction general contractor with labor-owned or-controlled enterprises. Make full use of various kinds of professional training resource, establish different levels of labor training system. Vigorously promote the construction labor base construction, adhere to the "training prior to output, after the first documented appointment" principle. Further implementation of the certified system, engaged in key skilled workers, the corresponding certificate should be obtained before they can post. Implementation of corporate responsibility, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Implementation of construction services real-name system management, and gradually realize the builders ' information management.

(18) to enhance the level of architectural design. Adhere to people-oriented, intensive, ecological environmental protection, inheritance and innovation of the idea of security, establish cultural self-confidence, encouraging architectural design. Establish a design company is awareness of the innovators, promoting boutique design. Encourage urban design work, strengthening the cohesion between the architectural design and urban planning. Explore open construction design qualification restrictions on access, encourages relevant professionals and organizations actively involved in the architectural design of the campaign. Improve the architectural design of the campaign system, establish and improve public participation in large-scale public building programme and expert decision-making mechanism in the programme review, attention to design cultural content review. Strengthening the construction of architectural talent, focus on cultivating a number of high-level innovative talents. Design excellence, stimulate the creative passion of architects. Research assessment system the large public buildings.

(19) increase EPC implementation efforts. Advocate general contract mode of engineering construction project, encouraging robust design and construction enterprises to carry out engineering general contracting business. Promote the establishment of appropriate development of engineering general contract bidding and construction management, adjust the current bidding and construction permits, on-site inspection, acceptance of the record link management system, for the implementation of EPC to create the policy environment. EPC contract covers the design and construction business can no longer be determined through open tendering subcontractors.

(20) upgrading technological capacity in the construction industry. Improve work methods and know-how as the starting point, pilot demonstration project and promotion of technology transfer mechanisms, legal protection of intellectual property rights. Actively promote green building in characterized by energy saving and environmental protection technology applications. Promoting building information modeling (BIM) and other information technology application in the whole process of design, construction, operation and maintenance, and improve overall efficiency. Promoting construction of isolation technology. Explore white alternative blueprint, digital drawing, etc. Establish effective convergence of technical studies and standard-setting mechanisms, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the construction industry, accelerate the application of advanced and applicable technology. Increase